The Key to Candid Photos

Candid photography is essentially anything that the photographer didn’t explicitly direct, but still happens between directions. At other times, there may be no direction at all. Candid photos are the most natural form of storytelling. This type of photography is often full of life and emotion. It’s the key to re-experiencing the small details and the genuine highlights. A few pointers for getting the best shots at your next photography session!


Cuddle, tickle, chase, squeeze, carry, and hug! Little kisses on the head, swaying back and forth! All those sweet interactions photograph beautifully.


Find a photographer who specializes in candids/organic direction. Communication is *key* so don’t be afraid to let them know you love the in between moments. Chat before the session and let them know if you want something specific captured, even if it’s just emotion!


Often times, some can feel uncomfortable in front of the camera! Although, it can be easier said than done- just relax, have fun, laugh! BE YOU!


Have a list of PROMPTS, not poses! The difference between prompts is you are giving the couple a movement to do and then they naturally will fall into a “pose”, while posing is telling them exactly what to do with their body. Prompts allow the couple to keep the energy + keeps the photoshoot fun and spontaneous! Always have your camera on and be ready for the in between moments!


Bethany and Ethan reached out to me about an engagement session for when they would be visiting St. Petersburg Florida for vacation. When the two discussed their engagement photos, they both agreed that they wanted something unique and authentic. They didn’t want the traditional posed photos; instead, they wanted a session that would reflect their personalities and the spontaneous nature of their relationship. Florida, with its vibrant scenery and sunny beaches, seemed like the perfect backdrop for their candid engagement photos.

The next step for them was was finding a photographer who could capture the candid moments they envisioned. After some research, they said they found me, someone who specialized in natural, unposed photography with a little hint of editorial flair. Bethany sent over a perfectly curated pinterest board that felt very “runaway vintage beach couple”. She mentioned she would be wearing her moms veil and thrifted dress in order to bring that vision to life. I must say the session was an absolute dream and the two felt the same! Bethany sent the sweetest message after the gallery was delivered that even brought tears to my eyes!

“This is my dream come true. I can’t even express how beautiful they are, they literally brought me to tears! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE AMAZING. Thank you for capturing our vision and showcasing our love through your art. <3” – Bethany and Ethan