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What to Know When Planning A Picture-Perfect Proposal

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When you’re planning a wedding, you wouldn’t attempt to book your venue, your florals, or your photographer at the last minute. A similar mindset should go into setting up that picture-perfect proposal. You’ve found your person, you’ve purchased the ring, and now you want to make sure the moment is captured as a forever memory. As a wedding photographer in the Tampa Bay area, I want to provide you with first-hand tips if you’re preparing for your upcoming proposal – or even if you just want to know what to do when that moment does come!

Before you keep reading.. This blog is certainly more geared towards the one who will be proposing, but ladies feel free to continue reading so that you can give your man some subtle hints, of course! 

First Things First: Scheduling

There have been several occasions where I’ve received an inquiry from a future hubby hoping to pop the question in the next few days, and unfortunately I’m already booked for that upcoming weekend. Before you get into any of the cute details and special setups, the planning and booking process is arguably the most important part of the process. Without an engagement photographer, you may be stuck with blurry iphone photos or an uncaptured proposal. I suggest booking a photographer for your proposal at least a month ahead, if not earlier.

Location is Everything

Regardless of where you propose, the moment will be unique. However, if your photographer isn’t staged at the right location, then your efforts and your investment could end up falling short of your expectations. Make sure you communicate to your photographer about exactly where (and when!) you plan on popping the question so they can be in the right place at the right time.

Details Upon Details

Of course the moment itself will be special, but it’s always even sweeter if there is a cute setup to arrive at or a bottle to pop right after your knee hits the ground. Many photographers will help you with setting up your proposal location. Or, depending how intricate you intend to have your location, local companies and vendors, such as picnic or floral companies, can assist in getting your proposal set up to perfection.

Why Candid? Why a Surprise?

Trust me, you won’t regret it! When the bride has absolutely no idea that you’re about to get down on one knee, it makes the engagement so much more memorable. You’ve certainly discussed future steps, but the actual proposal is better left as an open ended event. Timeframes are helpful (keep in mind her nails and hair), but the candid moments and memories that come from a surprise proposal are something that you’ll both hold onto forever.

Other Details to Keep in Mind

Some brides want a private proposal, but they want their family and friends there to celebrate with them right after the occasion. Don’t forget about the moments following you getting down on one knee. Perhaps a dinner, a surprise party at your home, or another intimate gathering could be something you’d like to explore. Depending on the couple, sometimes the photographer is even booked for a few extra hours to photograph their other friends and family once the bride has said “yes.”

What to Do Next

If you have any other questions or are interested in booking a surprise proposal session, I would be more than happy to help you with your planning process. Contact me through the form on my website to get started.