Six Tips To Consider When Planning an Elopement in Hawaii

Picture this: you’re envisioning a tropical elopement destination that has just the right blend of scenic backdrops as it does elegance and romance. From private settings to exquisite landscapes, Hawaii truly has it all. Everywhere you look, there are magical, jaw dropping views that will leave you wishing you could relive your elopement year after year. Not to mention the foodie scene…but we’ll save that for another time! 

If you’ve been to any of the Hawaiian Islands, you’re probably sensing your mind start to wander. And, if you haven’t, then that’s what you’re here for! Whether you’re just starting to consider an elopement or you’ve already committed to jet setting to Hawaii with your favorite person, I want to provide you with some of the most important tips to consider during your planning process. From the first steps of selecting your island of choice to finalizing the details to ensuring you have everything you need to make your day run smoothly, let’s dive right in!


Hawaii has seemingly endless options for your elopement setting. Each island offers something unique – from Maui to Oahu to Kauai, you’ll want to consider what your ideal backdrop looks like and go from there. If you’re picturing mountains or oceanside views as opposed to a more lush, green view, then you’ll need to decide on the island that provides you with the best location options for you and your significant other. I’d suggest starting to research what each island has to offer, and then go from there!


Not only will you want to consider the time of year, including the weather, but you’ll also want to think about the time of day to capture your elopement session. The sun position and weather will dictate so much of your session, so you’ll want to be mindful of these items when planning your special day. Especially if you plan on traveling to an elevated view, you’ll need to make time for day-of travel both pre and post ceremony.


It’s your special day, and you’ll want to be sure to capture your moment when your outfit and makeup are at their peak! Consider bringing several outfit options – think something that you’ll travel in to your destination, your wedding dress, perhaps a fun outfit change, and then something you’ll wear when you’re ready to depart. Because it’s your elopement, you have the flexibility to dictate as many outfit changes as you’d like, but you’ll need to pack according to your vision and your location’s setting.


Elopements definitely cut out most of the logistics that standard weddings tend to have, but you’ll still want to make sure every detail is planned out perfectly. If you’re seeking the golden hour vibe, then you’ll want to think through the timeline for your day-of travel, makeup touch ups, outfit changes, and departure – especially if you plan on hiking to your elopement location. You definitely don’t want to be hiking down a mountain in your dress after the sun sets. Your photographer can absolutely help with suggesting logistics that make sense, but don’t forget to bring this up during the planning process.

Packing Essentials

Think makeup, snacks, hair products, first aid kits, extra shoes, and day-of items that will make your day both picture perfect as well as smooth and relaxing. You’ll also want to make sure your dress and wedding outfits are packed neatly as well if you don’t plan to travel in them so that they’re ready to go when you are!


Now that you’re packed and have all of your details finalized, the photography is where it all comes to life! Capturing your must-have angles, your special moments, and your heart-felt vows in a private setting are non-negotiables, and your photographer should be someone you feel comfortable with as well as someone who knows the location so you don’t have to stress. Your photographer has been in these situations before, so they can help with all of the above items and offer suggestions to basically be a stand-in coordinator so that your elopement will be everything you’re envisioning and more.

If you have any questions about my latest Hawaii elopement or you’re ready to get started planning your dream elopement in the islands, I would love to share even more from my experience capturing an elopement on Oahu! Let’s connect to discuss what your options are, settle any concerns you may have, and figure out the ideal destination for your upcoming wedding date!