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Your Guide to Digitally Storing Your Photos

You hire a professional photographer because you want to capture your remarkable moments to be savored for years to come. After all, these timeless instants will serve as a reminder of your milestones long after the moment is over. Whether you’ve opted for getting a physical album and digital photos or not, storing your memories properly, is essential. 

In this short yet insightful guide, I will share a few storing options. Feel free to opt for the one that seems most practical to you and ensure your memorable instants are saved for further use!


If you are old-school or just like to do whats tried and true, storing your treasured instants on a USB drive would seem like the ideal option. Undoubtedly, this is a viable option for preserving your images, allowing you to access them whenever you have a computer and a USB reader at hand. However, keep in mind that this method also comes with a certain risk. The risk is that it is a physical device, giving chance that it could get damaged and compromise your images.

External hard drive

Acting similarly to your computer’s built-in storage, external hard drives are separate units used for keeping valuable info. Therefore, this makes them an excellent option for preserving the digital memories of your wedding. Most of them can be connected to your PC through a USB connector and come in a variety of storage sizes. I personally use an external hard drive to save all of my clients photos. I save the images on two separate hard drives to ensure if one gets damaged, I always have a back up.

Cloud backup systems

Lastly, this is one of the most convenient options these days, mainly because it grants you access from any electronic device. Some of the best-known cloud storage services include Google Photos, Blaze, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud. By deciding to store your images here, you will always have a backup version of them in case something happens to your tangible device. 

I truly hope you will find this post useful in your attempt to store your wedding, couple, engagement, branding, or family photos safely. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more advice and tips! I am always your local Tampa Florida photographer resource but also worldwide 🙂