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How to Choose your Engagement Session Location

Engagement Session Featuring: Armature Works, Tampa Florida

Can’t figure out the right location for your engagement session? Well you have come to the right place! Selecting the right location for your engagement session will complement your photos’ overall look and feel. Over the years, I have captured numerous engagements for my couples, so let’s dive into some advice based on my experience!

Get inspired by your love story.

Think about places that have been part of your relationship. For instance, this can be where you both first met, your first date, your proposal, etc. Or, if you have attended school together, consider incorporating this location into your session. It will add a sentimental touch and remind you of where it all started – and how far you have come together.

As an example, I would love to highlight one of the engagement sessions I have done for one of my 2024 wedding couples – Becca and Patrick. They chose Armature Works, a Food Hall in Tampa, Florida, a location that portrayed a part of their relationship journey, and one they would often visit to spend time together. On Tuesday nights, Armature does a trivia night, which Becca and Patrick like to attend. They recreated a date night for their engagement photos full of fun drinks, champagne, and sunset walks around the grounds. I had so much fun third-wheeling and documenting every moment of their session!

Choose a location that suits you.

One of the essential goals of the engagement session is to personify what your love looks like. I find it helpful to choose something you are drawn to, so think about what works for both of you as a couple. For example, you can consider an in-home session showing you cooking a meal, gardening, or having a morning coffee. Or maybe if you wish to channel an urban flair, pick your fav spot in the city and grab a slice of pizza. If you love nature, opt for a place that will reflect that and maybe one that gives a romantic garden vibe. Sometimes in the wedding/engagement industry there can be sooo much pressure to be something we are not. If you hate the beach and rarely ever go, maybe a beach session isn’t the right fit for you. You can still achieve the carefree and adventurous aesthetic at a location like a tall grassy field.

Time of the day.

When it comes to photography sessions, lighting makes all the difference in the world. So, the time of the day you decide to have your engagement photos is definitely worth considering. If you have a golden or blue hour shoot in mind, speak to your photographer about the best places to capture the specific type of lighting.

Think about the type of outfits you want to wear.

Make sure the outfit you want to wear fits the vibe of the location! If you are doing your engagement session at the beach, you may not want to wear a formal dress with heels. Something along the lines of a sun dress or jean and a white top while barefoot, will work much better at that location. I love providing my couples with a handbook that goes over outfit tips/tricks so they never feel lost on what to wear!

Final Thoughts.

If you have come this far and still haven’t thought of the perfect engagement spot for your vision, I would love to help as I have done in the past for my couples! Feel free to inquire with me – it would be so awesome to learn more about your love story and give some ideas!