Benefits of Choosing One Venue for Both your Ceremony and Reception

Congratulations on planning one of the most important days of your life! Even though there are many aspects to cover in the planning process, it is such a beautiful journey in which you get to look back on. That being said, one of the big decisions you have to make is choosing your ceremony and reception venue. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to host both the ceremony and reception,  in the same venue because there are many benefits associated with it – simplified planning included.

4 Benefits of Hosting your Special Day in one Location

  • Makes planning easier

Having a single venue removes the challenge of decorating two different locations – with one place for both, your theme and overall aesthetic will be beautifully cohesive. Instead of making decisions on decor, transport, and vendors for two separate venues, you will plan only for one.

  • Cost-effective

When you have two venues, you may have double the cost for rental, decor, transport, and more. Also, when you choose to hold a ceremony and reception in the same place, you can repurpose your decor, save on shuttle services, and even get a discount for accommodating everything in the same place. For example, your ceremony floral arch can be transformed into a backdrop for your reception head table.

  • Flexibility

Venues that host both the ceremony and reception often have spaces where you and your wedding party can get ready, and beautiful grounds for your photography moments. Instead of getting ready at home and going to a venue for the ceremony and then to another for the reception, you can do everything in one place. In addition, you don’t have to go far to find dreamy scenery to complement your wedding portraits and rush for the golden hour. Simply slip away with your photographer to enjoy some quiet moments, and then before you know it, you will be back at your reception.

  • Convenience

Not transitioning between venues and rushing from one place to another will allow the rest of your day to flow uninterrupted. This is not only more convenient for you, but also for your guests. Otherwise, with two venues you will have to consider the transport and double parking options – and plan the time to get from one place to another. So if you choose to hold both the ceremony and reception at the same venue, your story will unfold seamlessly. It makes guests more comfortable, leading to a more relaxed day for everyone. 

Paradise Springs, Lithia Florida wedding

One of my recent couples, Serai and Tyler, chose Paradise Spring in Tampa, Florida for their ceremony and reception. Paradise Springs includes a gorgeous villa for getting ready, an outdoor ceremony location, and an indoor reception space all on the same grounds. Since the venue had everything in one location, we were able to get so many photo opportunities, which we could of missed if they were further apart. For example, while the guests were heading into the reception space, the wedding party was inside the villa cheering with celebratory drinks and hanging out before their entrances. I was able to capture the moment with the wedding party and still have enough time to get to the reception location to capture guests coming in to mingle. If the venues were further apart, I would of only been able to capture one or the other. The couple also loved that they and their guests didn’t need to travel between the ceremony and reception, allowing them to enjoy their day more relaxed. Lastly, since the couple was staying onsite the night before the wedding, they were able to help set up and decorate the space at their convenience. They did not feel like there was a ticking clock of when they needed to be in or out, but instead they had plenty of time to set up their space with the help of their wedding planner. All of these benefits set the tone for an unforgettable celebration that started with breakfast at the Villa and ended with a pizza party at the pool. 

Ultimately, the venue choice solely depends on your vision. Consider the many benefits of having the ceremony and reception in one place and choose the option that suits your preference best.

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Venue: Paradise Springs Lithia, Florida

Photographer: Sarah Marie Photography

Catering: Latem Catering

Bar: Tipsy Tampa

Florals: Simply Chic Events

Rentals: On the Move

DJ: Chris Emanski

Hair: Elegant Brides


Wedding Planner/Coordinator: The Olive Tree