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When to Capture Maternity Photos

Taking maternity photos is a fun and exciting way to capture this special time in your life. Whether you want to take them yourself or hire a professional photographer, there are many things to consider when planning for maternity photos. Knowing when to have your maternity photos can feel daunting – but rest assured, with the help of your trusted photographer, we can help you in finding the perfect time frame to capture your photos! Maternity photos are empowering – uplifting and showcase the incredible part this is of motherhood. We know that not every pregnancy journey is the same – and are more than happy to counsel and advice based on how you are feeling and your needs. A standard rule of thumb is to have your maternity photos captured around 30 – 36 weeks. Around this time, your belly is most round, and this is typically when you will feel most comfortable and confident in your pregnancy journey!

The beginning of the third trimester is a safe bet on when to have your maternity session scheduled. Because every pregnancy is different, we know that this can vary and we would love to discuss with you when would work best for you and how you are feeling! With our years of experience and expertise, we will work with you to create maternity photos that perfectly capture this special time in your life. While some maternity photos are taken in artistic poses, you don’t have to feel like it has to be a posed shot – your maternity photo shoot can really be anything that captures your personality and pregnancy. Whether it be against a scenic backdrop or a boho field, capturing this special time with a maternity photo shoot is essential for any mother-to-be! Whether you prefer a soft, natural look or want something more dramatic and bold, we can help create maternity photos that are perfect for you. So don’t wait – let’s start planning your maternity session!