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Turn your Couples Session into a Date

Your couples session is the perfect opportunity for a date night! Not only will you have stunning photos to look back on – but more than likely you will be at a unique location to check out and explore with the love of your life. It’s all about making your session fun and full of good vibes!

Couple sessions should be enjoyable – not nerve-wracking. It’s all about enjoying the moment with your partner. That includes flirty gestures, all of the hugs and kisses, and special moments caught on camera. It’s important to choose a couples photographer who you both feel comfortable being yourselves around, and can help make it even more fun! Try your best to show your personality, dress in what makes you feel like your best self, and treat yourself to a dinner and a movie after. Not only will you have a great time shooting but you’ll be able to treat yourselves to a fun date afterwards. Who doesn’t like that?

I know that being photographed can sometimes be scary – but my goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera! Just remember, it’s all about you and your partner just having fun and doing what makes you happy. It can be a session of a casual walk in the park or in the mountains, as long as it’s the two of you – that’s what’s important.


Photography: Sarah Marie Photography

Client: Brenna and Jayden 

Location: Moab Utah

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